How to Airfreight Your Books to USA Readers

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How To Create an Airfreight Bridge to USA Readers

How do you navigate the complex world of shipping books, especially from the UK to the USA borders?

Airfreighting books can feel like translating an ancient manuscript. Deadlines loom, costs fluctuate, and ensuring your precious books arrive safely and promptly feels like an uphill battle.

But fear not, fellow wordsmiths! This guide unravels the mysteries of airfreight, specifically tailored for those seeking to transport their creations to the vast USA market.

Airfreighting Books To The USA Is Not Scary

Whether you’re a seasoned author with a loyal US following or an indie press launching your debut novel, our airfreight solutions cater to all in the industry, big and small.

We, a daily airfreight company of parcels to the USA, understand that timelines differ – perhaps you need a single pallet delivered for a prestigious author event, or maybe regular shipments fuel your thriving online bookstore.

Regardless of your volume or frequency, we’re here to bridge the Atlantic with seamless airfreight expertise

Your Pain Points, Our Solutions:

We speak your language, literally and figuratively. We know the book industry’s anxieties when it comes to airfreight:

  • Cost: We offer competitive rates without compromising quality, ensuring your budget stays balanced while your books reach their destination swiftly.
  • Speed: Time is of the essence. Our airfreight solutions deliver your books faster than sea freight, meeting crucial deadlines and ensuring your latest releases hit shelves on schedule.
  • Customs Clearance: Navigating US customs can be a labyrinth. Our expertise and long-standing relationships with customs authorities streamline the process, minimising delays and ensuring your books arrive smoothly.
  • Care: Precious words deserve careful handling. We prioritise the handling and presentation during shipping, guaranteeing your books reach their readers in pristine condition.
  • Tracking & Transparency: Stay informed every step of the way. Our real-time tracking system lets you monitor your shipment’s progress, and our dedicated account managers are always available to answer your questions.
Airfreighted books from the UK make it in time for USA book signing.

Value Added Books & Publishing Airfreight Services

We go beyond simply transporting books. We offer value-added services to enhance your experience:

  1. Specialised Book Handling: From delicate first editions to hefty coffee table books, we understand the diverse needs of different publications and tailor our handling accordingly.
  2. Direct-to-Consumer: Reach US readers directly, We can get individual books to individual readers with a fast USPS final mile delivery.
  3. Problem-Solving Support: Unforeseen hurdles? We’re here to navigate them with you, offering solutions and expertise to ensure your shipment arrives smoothly


UK Publishing Industry Insights & Expertise:

We stay ahead of the curve, constantly monitoring trends and developments in both the publishing and airfreight industries. This ensures we offer the most up-to-date solutions and anticipate potential challenges:

  • Sea freight Disruptions: The current volatility in sea routes presents an opportunity for reliable airfreight alternatives. We offer expert guidance and competitive rates to help you adapt your shipping strategy.
  • Publisher Resources: We actively engage with industry associations like Publishers Weekly and The Bookseller, ensuring we understand your specific needs and challenges.
  • Industry Events: Connect with our team at major book fairs like London to discuss your shipping requirements and explore solutions in person.

Book Depository Success Stories:

We’re proud to have partnered with leading players like The Book Depository, successfully transporting millions of books across the Atlantic. Their trust in our expertise and personalised service is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

6 Advantages of UK Book Airfreight to the USA

Airfreight offers several compelling advantages for publishers looking to reach the USA market quickly and efficiently, backed by IATA. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

1. Airfreight is Fast!

Speed: This is the most significant advantage. Airfreight delivers your books in days, compared to weeks or even months with sea freight. This is crucial for:

  • Meeting tight deadlines: New releases, author events, and seasonal promotions often demand swift delivery. Airfreight ensures your books arrive on time, maximising sales potential.
  • Responding to unexpected demand: Sudden surges in popularity or stockouts can be tackled with airfreight’s agility, minimising lost sales opportunities.
  • Maintaining control: Knowing your books are in transit for a shorter duration reduces uncertainty and allows for better inventory management.

Reduced risk of damage: The shorter journey time associated with airfreight minimises exposure to potential hazards like moisture, extreme temperatures, and rough handling at sea, leading to fewer damaged books upon arrival

2. Airfreight Shipments Avoids Extreme Heat

  • Warped pages: High temperatures can cause paper to expand and warp, creating wavy or misshapen pages.
  • Dried-out covers: Leather or cloth covers can dry out and crack, becoming brittle and prone to damage.
  • Glue damage: Heat can weaken the glue binding, potentially causing pages to detach or the book to fall apart.
  • Fading ink: Extreme heat can accelerate ink fading, especially for older printed materials

3. Airfreighting Books Avoids Extreme Cold

  • Brittleness: Cold temperatures can make paper brittle and more susceptible to tearing or cracking.
  • Mould growth: Condensation caused by temperature changes can create a humid environment, promoting mould growth on paper and covers.
  • Ink cracking: The ink used in printing can become brittle and prone to cracking in cold temperatures


4. Airfreight Books To Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

  • Repeated cycles of hot and cold can cause the paper and binding to expand and contract, leading to warping, tearing, and loose pages. Therefore the quicker you transport your publishing the better.

5. Improved cash flow

  • Faster delivery translates to quicker sales and faster access to revenue, boosting your cash flow and financial health.  You will also experience improved inventory holding costs, with faster sku rotation you can free cash up for other areas.

6. Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Timely deliveries lead to happier customers, minimising negative feedback and complaints about delays. Fewer inquiries and complaints about delayed deliveries translate to lower customer service costs.


Ready to Fly Your Next Chapter To The USA?

Don’t let logistics hinder your literary journey. Contact us today for a quote and discover how our airfreight solutions can streamline your USA deliveries, reduce stress, and get your books into the hands of eager readers faster than ever before.

Remember, we’re not just transporting books; we’re transporting ecommerce goods, stories, ideas, and connections. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your words to life across the Atlantic.

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